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One of the most astonishing details of Nicholas Winton's story is that, even after the war ended, he remained silent about his life-saving operation. Nearly fifty years later, Winton's wife Grete, found an old leather suitcase in the attic of their home. The briefcase contained Winton's scrapbook from 1939. It was filled with documents, urgent telegrams, pleading letters from desperate parents, and photographs of children caught in a lottery of life and death. Only in 1988 did Grete learn of her husband's incredible deed. Winton, with his wife's encouragement, then began to share his story.

Thanks to his effort to preserve these unique materials, we can still trace the progression of Winton's rescue operation; from the letters and press releases in which he asked, and then begged for support, to responses that illuminate both the willingness and disinterest of those to whom he pleaded for help. We will present a few extracts from Winton's scrapbook here.